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Managing The Customer Account

Who are the key members involved in the account?

Voicu Oprean, the company's CEO, usually negotiates the terms of the contract. He is the only person in the company authorized to sign contracts.

The Business Development Manager of the Outsourcing Division provides assistance in any marketing related issues and can also act as liaison between the customer and the AROBS project manager(s) assigned to the account. The same role is sometimes assumed by the Key Account Manager.

The AROBS project manager(s) assigned to the account coordinates all the AROBS developers that are solving the tasks issued by the customer. All our project managers have extensive experience in coordinating big teams of developers working on Java, Microsoft, PHP, Embedded C++, Embedded Linux, Apply, Symbian, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry projects. 

How can we reach the senior managers at AROBS?

AROBS has a relatively flat organizational chart and the people you really need to reach are the ones most interested to react swiftly to your requests (CEO, COO, Development Manager, Project Manager). Messages conveyed by email, phone, fax, Skype are all promptly handled and acted upon.


Can we have an AROBS account manager assigned to our account?

To tell you what criteria we would be using in choosing a dedicated account manager or how we would allocate such a person we should define the role first and the allocation requirements (the exact tasks assigned to the person, number of hours per day, for example). We have specialists who can act as account managers, but we need to get a clear understanding of your needs to elaborate on this topic.

What is the minimum level of experience of a specialist AROBS might assign as account manager?


To respond accurately to this question we must clearly understand what you need from the AROBS account manager. We have people at several levels that can assist you with tasks like order taking, invoicing, call/meeting scheduling, requirement definition, or reporting.