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Controlling And Optimizing The Client's Budget

Please describe AROBS' experience and capability in controlling and optimizing the client’s budget.

AROBS has extensive experience working on large, long-term projects, which are subject to tight budgetary constraints. We address these constraints:

  • through effective project planning;
  • by limiting the investment in knowledge transfer through gradual project team ramp-ups;
  • by limiting the time spent at the customer premises to  the minimum that ensures a smooth project implementation.

What would AROBS consider an acceptable variance in the monthly budget?

If your question refers to the budget for your project, than we can answer after having agreed upon the allocation schedule accepted. The acceptable variance depends not only on the budget for the project but also on the number of developers simultaneously allocated to the project. Please make the question clear.

Can you handle the quarterly account invoice reconciliation?

Yes, we have a financial department that can meet this requirement.