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The Invoicing Process

The invoicing schedule for project based work is agreed upon in the contract or an additional act to the contract. The total payment is typically divided into payments for each accepted milestone delivery if the project duration is less than two months. If the project duration exceeds two months, each month will be billed in arrears and the final month, when Go-Live or User Acceptance Testing (UAT) occurs, will be paid after acceptance, which is no more than two weeks after Go-Live or UAT begins.

For small projects (up to 5000 EUR), we request a down-payment amounting to 50% of the project value.  For big projects (e.g. >15000 EUR) the down-payment is usually 25% of the total project value. 

Each invoice will show only the total charge per person and period or per project. The standard invoicing period is one calendar month and payments are prorated. Invoices will be issued during the first 10 days of the month for work performed during the previous months.

For time and materials work, the invoices are issued per employee, for the number of hours specified in the work order and an additional document to this contract.

The terms of payment are 14 calendar days net from the invoice date and payments are made by bank transfer.

All payments are to be confirmed by an email that includes the SWIFT record.