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10 years of AROBS

How many developers do you need to pick up the apples from a pot of water? Are the sales people able to transport an egg in a spoon without dropping it?

All these questions have been found an answer at the picnic organized yearly by AROBS, in June 2008. Keeping tradition, the party was organized outside, far from the crowded city, at approximately 15 km away from Cluj-Napoca, at the ‘Domeniul Regilor’ Pension. This year’s party was an anniversary one, AROBS achieving 10 years of existence. As in each year of celebration, we had a nice grill, the traditional Romanian cold beer, and of course, over 160 enthusiastic AROBS members, together with their families.

The activities have been numerous and full of adventures, which was no surprise, since we had a team of professionals from a specialized company of “adventure and team building activities” taking care of the set up and organization of all the sporty and funny activities. We also had a lot of fun at the equitation lessons, badminton and volleyball sessions.
The ones who have been challenged by the high temperatures and the shiny sun have had the chance to choose fun alternatives like pool, table tennis or football on the table.

The youngest members of the AROBS team, the employees’ children, have also participated actively in their parents’ games, encouraging them from the side and by being creative at the painting, drawing and workshops.

The team spirit, dynamism and enthusiasm which characterize each of the AROBS employees have made the party an opportunity of relaxation and fun as well as a good way of consolidating the AROBS team.

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