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15 Years of Teamwork Celebrated In Style

The AROBS team had a great and "green" Summer Beach Party on the 29th of June, to celebrate the 15th company anniversary. The party was "greened" by the giveaways (some nice and useful T-shirts and umbrellas) and the scenery at the Eldorado Camping in Gilau.

Despite trying with all its might, Mother Nature could not spoil our fun with the repeated rain showers, from which we easily took shelter in a large and cosy tent, filled with tempting food and drinks.  The program put together by Adventure Studio was both full of fun and diverse. 

Team activities, offered for the first time this year and very well received by the crowd, included:

  • The Wheelbarrow Race, which offered buckets of fun for the viewers and a bit of soaking for the fellows carrying the pots of water on their heads;
  • Zorbing, where the world went round and round for the few guys brave enough to get inside the huge plastic balls and run on water;
  • Paint Ball, the classical messy fun which gives our hunter-gatherer legacy a chance to surface;
  • Jeep Race, a dream come true for the driving addicts;
  • Space Hopper Football, a character building game, with a bit of extra adversity bred wisdom, a few bruises here and there, lots of laughter from the side-line, and a referee to take the blame;
  • Caterpillar Crawl, a game that proved once more how clumsy software engineers can be in sports;
  • Segway Race, which took the limelight, just like last year.

We also had a contest open to all of our colleagues who brought to the party the funniest beach item they could think of.  An astounding collection of swimming goggles, straw hats, pirate outfits, and even a credible replica of a very gifted Baywatch lifeguard were amassed. But the ones that won the cheers of the crowd were the Hawaiian Hula Skirt matching outfits worn by an industrious mother and her very lovely little daughter.

 The kids had plenty of activities to chose from, like appropriate zip-line, face painting,  and carousel riding. 

 Mix in sufficient quantities of team activities, grills and drinks, season them with a brilliant idea like the custom made fridge magnets and you’ll get a feel of our 15 years anniversary party.