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A 16 years anniversary which truly reflected the Arobsian spirit.

AROBS is 16 years old. Happy Birthday!

Were it a person, AROBS would be an adolescent. What do, however, 16 years mean for a company? We know for a fact that this anniversary marks the completion of a long growth process, the transformation of an idea, from Advanced ROmanian Business Solutions to AROBS Transilvania Software, the company which currently has nearly 400 employees and a turnover of 12 million euros. 

Admittedly, we had good reasons to celebrate, to be thankful, and to think nostalgically about the beginnings and, especially about the fact that can look confidently towards the future. Under the slogan Champions for 16 years, on June 28, we engaged, with a complete team, in the traditional summer party we call “Company Day”, one of the most anticipated internal events.

And by “complete team” we understand the staff from all our national offices (i.e. the Arobsians), their relatives and loved ones, the extended family; in total 400 guests, adults and children, not counting the dogs.

As before, our partners at Adventure Studio prepared the most varied activities so that when we got there, the sports IRA grounds looked like a miniature amusement park: human football, skeet shooting, bubble football, archery, giant ski biathlon, bungee run, mechanical bull, rotating obstacles, a climbing wall and a giant slide.

The entertainment areas were assaulted by adults and children alike, everyone had fun and the After Party lasted almost until dawn. Even Cleo the Dog wanted to get in touch with its feline side and tried face painting. We must mention the surprises also: a fully equipped photo booth for on-the-spot mementos, photo panels with football players and samba dancers and gifts for everyone (shirts, hats, sunglasses and vuvuzelas for the kids).

So far, all the clues point out that the theme of our party was given by the most important competition of the year, the FIFA World Cup. It couldn’t have been otherwise because we are, ourselves, very competitive and this feature is reflected in everything we do, from everyday business to recreational team activities. Thus the 16th anniversary fully reflected the Arobsian spirit: passion, work and life balance, and the strife to overpass ourselves.