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Fun 14, fun 4 the team!

Saturday, June 16, the day of our summer picnic that marked 14 years of AROBS was warm and cloudless. Invited by the perfect weather and the promise of loads of fun, we joined the party in great numbers, taking with us our significant others, kids, dogs, and whatever else we could grab on our way to the Milenium Touristic Resort near Gilau. 

The location provided enough space for outdoor activities (zip line, coconut bowling, giant “Piticot”, skeet shooting, Segway races, and mini-golf). Some relaxed and enjoyed the music while chatting or simply basking in the sun, others played ball or Frisbee, and the really daring fellows joined the ad-hoc paintball teambuilding event.

AROBS Grill Master Chef, a traditional competition at AROBS, took center stage once more, producing delicious and healthy food for everybody, which was seasoned with a reasonable variety and quantity of drinks. We did not forget the little ones: clowns, balloon animals, games, and face painting were on the “menu”.

No matter how we chose to make the most of our time, by the end of the day we all agreed that Segway ruled.

Fun 14 was so good that we have already started counting the days left until next year's picnic...