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Lucky 13 for AROBS - June 18th, 2011

AROBS celebrated its thirteenth anniversary on a beautiful Saturday, with cloudless skies and a high temperature close to 30 degrees Centigrade, in the Luncani Lake area. Such a weather can only be a good omen for our future, which we all hope will outdo by far a past marked by the successful presence on both the Romanian and global markets. We are confident that by its 26th anniversary AROBS will count its customers by the thousands instead of hundreds and be an active presence in all the developed countries and emerging economies.

The event attracted over 200 participants, which included employees, spouses, significant others, and a few toddlers. The anniversary looked like a family "affair", which is what its organizers had hoped for.

Situated near Campia Turzii, about 50 km from Cluj, the "Luncani Lake Complex" is a popular destination for those interested in outdoors activities that involve little to no physical effort, like sky diving, driving ATVs, fishing, air soft shooting, blowgun darts, archery, or riding water bicycles. For those in good physical shape, the lakes offer great swimming conditions. 

While all the participants engaged in most of these activities, a selected few assisted Adi Hadean, the prestigious chef known as 'Jamie Oliver de Romania' in preparing mouth-watering courses like grilled pork in spicy crust, chicken skewers marinated in yogurt and tikka masala, bobgulyas (about 100 liters) and grilled vegetable salad with mozzarella.

Lots of contests have been organized, their winners being awarded symbolic prizes like backpacks, fishing chair, and sunbathing mats. 

The barbeque lasted for over 8 hours, helped us all forget the usual hustle and bustle from the big city, and provided an excellent opportunity for chatting and team building.

Happy Birthday AROBS!