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Free Software Architecture Workshop

As part of our ongoing effort to provide the AROBS specialists and the local IT community with opportunities for professional growth, we invited Simon Brown, a hands-on Software Architect with experience across many types of systems and business areas, to make two presentations on coding architecture in May 2013.

The first one was a free workshop addressed to any local experienced IT specialist, while the second, an extensive two day lecture, was offered to AROBS specialists. 

The two events delved into software architecture and the balance with agility. Participants learned the following:

  • Why the software architecture role should include coding, coaching and collaboration.
  • The things they really need to think about before coding.
  • How to visualise software architecture using simple NoUML sketches.
  • A lightweight approach to documenting the software.
  • Why there is no conflict between agile and architecture.
  • What just enough up front design means.
  • How to identify risks with risk-storming.

All the specialists who attended the two events rated them as excellent, very good, or good for all of the following: the overall quality of the workshop, the degree of novelty in the material presented, the usefulness of the information presented, and the professionalism of the trainer.

As this initiative proved a real success, we plan to repeat it as often as necessary.