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AROBS Acquires Two Western European Companies, Valued at EUR 1.3 Million

Established in 1998, AROBS Transilvania Software, a company from Cluj-Napoca, now has two new subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Belgium: CoSo by Arobs B.V. and CoSo by Arobs BVBA. The two companies are valued at EUR 1.3 million and currently count 10 employees.

The CoSo products and services complement those provided by AROBS in the fields of fleet management, process automation and educational software. Alpega (former Wolters Kluwer), Emerson, BASF, and Schneider are among the most important clients of CoSo by AROBS. 

Voicu Oprean, the CEO of AROBS, declares that “AROBS has taken up the challenges and opportunities brought about by its presence in Benelux - a dynamic, very demanding market - and the two brands have been merged into the new names of our subsidiaries as a joint statement of our commitment to provide quality and innovation to customers.”

In its 20 years of existence, AROBS has reached more than 700 employees, in all the AROBS offices in Cluj-Napoca, Târgu Mureș, Baia Mare, Arad, Suceava, Iași, Bucharest, plus its international subsidiaries in Germany, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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