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400 AROBS Employees: the Target for December 2012

Source: The "Cluj-based AROBS: We hired 50 specialists in the first 4 months of 2012 and we want to grow to 400 employees by the end of the year" article from Ziarul Financiar.
Date: May 3, 2012. 
Author: Laurentiu Cotu

AROBS Transilvania Software, the provider of software solutions from Cluj-Napoca, hired 50 specialists over the first 4 months of 2012, thus bringing the total number of AROBS employees to 291. The recruitment plans of the company for the rest of the calendar year are equally ambitious: over 100 people should join AROBS over the remaining 8 calendar months of 2012 and the total number of employees is expected to reach 400 by the end of the year.

Of the 50 specialists hired by the Cluj based company, 35 joined the software development division, while the remaining 15 the Products division. This year found AROBS with 30% more employees than the previous one. 

In the short run, the company is looking for specialists in PHP, JAVA, C++, Python, business intelligence, Web Development, ASP.Net, mobile application development, user interfaces and user experience, quality assurance, front end, functional analysis. For the TrackGPS, Optimall, and Navi­ga­tors divisions specialists will be needed to fill roles in business development, purchasing and logistics, and sales.

According to Voicu Oprean, CEO of AROBS Transilvania Software "our goal si to add to our existing teams not only team leaders and senior developers but also fresh graduates or even students".

The AROBSchool program was launched in January 2012 to help students pursuing a career in software development acquire the skills and expertise required by employers. The first training session for Java was attended by 15 students, of which 5 are already AROBS employees. According to company representatives, training sessions for C++,.NET, Open Source and Mobile Application Development are already scheduled and have over 30 students registered.

"We will open a new research & development center in Iasi this month as a part of our growth strategy and as a consequence of the increasing number and higher complexity of the projects commissioned to us. By the end of 2012 we expect to have a team of minimum 30 specialists in that center and in parallel to increase the number of developers working in our Chisinau office, which was established last year" added Mr. Oprean.

In 2011 AROBS opened its first offices abroad, in Chisinau and Budapest.  Partnerships with resellers in Poland were also started last year. AROBS operates in 4 offices in Romania, which cover a total area of roughly 2000 square meters, and regional operational offices in Iasi, Bucharest, and Oradea.

AROBS planned a 15% increase in revenues for 2012, from about 9 Million EUR in 2011. The increase will be achieved mainly through the penetration of international markets with the TrackGPS fleet management solution and the Smailo navigation system.

Last year was rich in activities for AROBS, as the company launched 4 new models of Smailo car navigators (Photo, Travel, Mondo şi Joy) and developed the Android version of the OptimallSFA, a system for sales force automation. According to company executives, the number of foreign customers and outsourcing projects for its software development services grew in Western Europe, the USA, and even in Asia.

For 2012 AROBS aims at expanding the Smailo product line with solutions for tablets and anti-radar systems and at securing EU funds to develop software applications for car navigation and intelligent traffic light systems. Furthermore, the company's top management declared that they have already started partnerships for software development with relatively small companies in Cluj and throughout Romania. These partners will help AROBS meet its deadlines and quality standards both for outsourcing projects and for its own software solutions (fleet management or sales force automation). 

AROBS is present in the following three different lines of business: custom software development for the international market, software solutions for the Romanian market, and distribution of car navigation systems.

2011 found AROBS on the 49th position in the Deloitte ranking of the most dynamic IT companies in Central Europe, with an annual revenue growth rate of 293% over the last 5 years. 

AROBS Transilvania Software was established in 1998, as a provider of software outsourcing services. The company's main shareholder is Voicu Oprean, its CEO, who owns 90% of the shares. AROBS has 291 employees at the time and plans to reach 400 by the end of the year. Since 2006, the Finnish group Hotelzon is a minority shareholder of AROBS, with 10% of the shares.