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Nothing Succeeds Like Success

The motivation behind success stories fascinates us just as much as the stories themselves. The recipe for success, that ineffable something which can be replicated or translated, the elegantly abbreviated formula that we can apply to our initiatives, is a universal goal. That is why, probably, the biography is a genre so favorably received by the general public. 

But until the above mentioned recipe will be decanted into a clear formula, what we learn looking around us is that success always comes from a mix of intentions and approaches. In order for a dream to be fulfilled, it must be linked with something more than a selfish intent, it must be integrated into a broader purpose. One cannot be as oblivious of reality insomuch as not to see that a purpose involving others, gives sustainability to one’s success.


“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” (Albert Einstein)

The story of our company starts with identifying the solution to a problem (the exodus of Romanian IT developers).  AROBS wasn’t created only in order to keep the programmers, this valuable asset within the country borders, but also in order for Voicu Oprean, the founder of the company, to limit personal losses, as he defines them – family, friends, and opportunities. In an interview for Business Days Magazine, titled "Rebel with a Cause", you can read more about our success story. This year, AROBS will exceed EUR12 million turnover. „AROBS means, at this moment, 400 people, in three countries – Hungary, Republic of Moldova and Romania, and a newly opened branch in Great Britain. Our products can be found from Singapore, for which we are making custom software, to the United States, where we are performing archiving, and up to the hypermarket from the block, where you can buy navigation systems”, says Voicu Oprean.

As for what the future will bring, Voicu Oprean is doing missionary work, trying to convince IT companies in Cluj to increase their focus on developing their own projects. One of the key ingredients for success is, as we see it, doing something for and together with others.

You can read and/or download the entire article (in Romanian) below.