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Voicu Oprean, the Ironman of the IT industry in Cluj


15 ambassadors for the AROBS Cluj-Napoca International Marathon: “Be great. Inspire others to follow you!“


This is one of the 15 ambassadors of the campaign 'Be great. Inspire others to follow you!', an avid supporter of sports, but also a winner in the battle with the self. Voicu Oprean, CEO of AROBS Transilvania Software felt on his own skin just how real the 'Anything is possible' Ironman Triathlon slogan really is. He succesfully ticked off this competition last year, after a failed attempt to do so in 2013. He continued to practice and in 2014 he became a legitimate 'man of steel'. He is convinced that beautiful things happen when the body and the mind work hand in hand and run together towards the same goal, even if it is a sports competition or another sort of day-to-day challenge.


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