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TYPO3 Usergroup Romania Conference 2011

TYPO3 Usergroup Romania organized the second edition of the TYPO3 Usergroup Romania Conference in Cluj-Napoca, on the 3rd of December 2011. The event provided ample opportunities for discussions, exchange of views, and networking and the first opportunity to get the TYPO3 certification in Romania!

The program of the event included:

  • Magento Integration into Typo3 (Andreea Radu and Cornelia Iclanzan): TYPOGENTO is a service that makes the connection between TYPO3 (version 2 +) and the  Magento e-commerce application;
  • Apache Solr in TYPO3 (Ioana Cucuruzan): Apache Solr is an open source search server used quite often in online commerce applications. Based on the Lucene Java library, Solr can optimize the search operation, with features like: management through the HTML interface, database integration, search and classification in a set of objects (faceted search, highlighting keywords in different response formats (JSON, XML, PHP, Ruby, Python etc.), suggestions, similar results etc.;
  • Implementing mobile version for TYPO3 sites built with the TemplaVoila  method (Calin Borz);
  • Test Driven Development (Tiberiu Contiu):  a different approach to software development;
  • FLOW3 - a reliable foundation for complex applications (Dan Homorodean and Horea Negru): FLOW3 responds to the need of PHP of having a full-stack framework to create complex applications that capitalize on advanced programming techniques and paradigms such as Domain Driven Design, Dependency Injection, Aspect Oriented Programming.
  • Introduction to Extbase (Bodor László): Extbase offers a completely new approach for developing extensions for  version v4.x of TYPO3. This approach is a fully object oriented paradigm that takes into account the Model-View-Controller, Domain Driven Design. Thus, Extbase opens the way for developers to TYPO3 5 Phoenix and FLOW3.