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On may 27-28, 3 of our PHP passionate colleagues, decided to fly to Belgrade to attend the PHP Srjbia Conference.


They enjoyed 2 days of intense speeches from experts around the world. The agenda included speeches like Microservices vs The Distributed Monolith, Speed Up Your Database 300 Times, Domain-driven Design Deconstructed, Year with event sourcing and CQRS, PHP without Frameworks. There were many other speeches that were worth listening to, so we hope our colleagues had gained meaningful insights.


We asked them to share with us the experience they had in Belgrade. One of the three PHP passionate went at the conference for the second time and that made us curious what determined him to go again.


The main attraction was Rasmus Lerdof, one of the three creators of PHP. Razvan, Robert and Claudiu were looking for new innovations, knowledge and interesting insights. For those who didn’t have the chance to use PHP 7 yet, this upgraded version is faster, 2 times faster actually. This new version also reduces memory consumption and hosts new language features. Razvan is Software Developer using PHP on his daily work. He recommends to PHP passionate developers to go at this conference if they had never been. He said that Rasmus had an accurate speech worth hearing.


AROBS is currently working with PHP 7 integrated into 3 of the projects our developers work at. The three PHP lovers confessed that it’s a lot faster and more efficient. According to our colleagues, AROBS PHP team is up to date regarding the concepts presented at the conference.


Razvan, Robert and Claudiu also had the chance to attend some live demos which participants usually hunt at conferences like this one.


Overall the experience was worth it and our colleagues came back sharing what they learned with us and their PHP team. We are proud of them and we also encourage some other colleagues to go and experience the annual PHP Conference.


Keep up the good work!