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AROBS at the Bucharest Microsoft Summit 2013

The Bucharest Microsoft Summit, held on November 6  and 7, attracted around 1300 participants. Started with a session of general presentations made by Kostas Loukas (General Manager – Microsoft Romania ) and by the representatives of the three Platinum partners, the event continued with custom presentations targeting the following three distinct groups of participants: business managers, IT specialists and programmers / entrepreneurs / founders of start-up companies.

Our colleagues attended the first discussion panel (Business Management), and the one dedicated to programmers. Each presentation focused on one Microsoft product, some of them being extremely interesting. The speakers were well prepared and the American style unmistakable. Most of the presentations on the development side centered around Cloud and Windows 8. Microsoft places its bet on Windows 8: the system that will work the same way on PCs, tablets and smartphones, offering its users a uniform experience.

The presentations have been on highly diverse topics, fully covering both the design and the implementation sides. It is worth mentioning mainly the speeches of Michael Palermo (Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft) and Petru Jucovschi (Evangelist Developer @ Microsoft România). The first presentation stood out through its content (development with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript is encourages) and its style, while the second was a bit more technical, touching important aspects of TypeScript: „TypeScript is a language for application-scale JavaScript development. Any browser. Any host. Any OS. Open Source“. Its main advantages are considered to be  „type annotations and compile-time type checking; classes; interfaces; modules; abbreviated “arrow” syntax for anonymous functions“.

Microsoft also unveiled its strategy for the future. Based on the current market trends (the continuous changes in infrastructure, applications, and data), four main directions have been identified: Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data.

Overall, the experience proved really useful to the attendants, providing them with valuable insight into the current and predicted trends, the ways Microsoft technologies are applied and expected to influence the future.