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AROBS Transilvania Software attended the ITB event in Berlin, the world's leading travel trade show, represented by two of our colleagues, experts in travel services and solutions. 

During the event, from 8th to 12th March, our colleagues had the chance to explore several innovating projects which were very eye-catching. They even met a friendly robot that was happy to help you find what you were looking for there. How cool is that? 

The main purpose of AROBS presence at ITB Berlin was to share expertise regarding the new travel business market. 

Beside new identified opportunities and potential clients, what was noticed during this event, was a need for talents. It seems that travel IT market has an urgent demand of qualified developers who are eager to innovate.



New opportunities


This event gave AROBS the opportunity to identify the market needs and to align its strategies according to the trends in travel industry. It was clear that innovation stood as the key word of the entire event.

AROBS’ experts also presented the technologies used to develop travel software solutions. We are talking about technologies as: NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular 2, Java, .NET, PHP, Elasticsearch. AROBS’ technologies for developing high-quality projects, is constantly adapting to the customers’ needs.


Experience speaks for itself


AROBS’ 18-year experience in software development in the travel industry, had a strong impact at this event. Beside the expertise proved by many successful partnerships we developed during the years, some of the exhibitors and participants remembered AROBS as being a reliable software provider.

Our experts came back with insights which will may have an impact on how travel department is adapting to the new challenges.



"I sustain globalization as being a good thing though IT market is more and more competitive. There is a visible scramble for clients, but at the same time there is a good thing that IT is becoming more and more integrated in our personal life. Of course, there is still a lot to work on and a lot of programming to do but things are moving that way. Soon the unexplored areas will start to be chased by all the experts in these areas. I’ve also noticed that the drive to replace the human workforce with robots/technology is present in travel branches too."

Felix Plopeanu, Relationship Manager

"Attending ITB event helped me noticed how fast things change in the Travel industry. It also helped me understand better the direction towards which it drives. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a very important role in this domain and I tend to think that in the following years we will see a major change both in the apps we use to make a reservation but also in the way we’ll interact with hotels. It’s quite probable that in the near future, hotel reservation will be made through app’s integrated bots and we will soon be greeted by robots programmed to help us with any information we need. All these changes bring new challenges for IT branches and we - AROBS, as a company, we prepare ourselves to help our partners with innovative solutions that will help them develop their business based on latest technologies and tendencies in the domain"

Claudiu Mailat, Business Group Manager


If you intend to build a travel platform and you’re looking not only for a provider but a partner, write us an email at We are looking forward to do the hard work.