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Last weekend our colleague Lucian Ciot - Delivery Manager, attended the Fashion Innovation Week event in Lugano, Switzerland.


The main purpose of the event was to build bridges between businesses.


Lucian was invited by our customer Davide Villa, CPO, iCTO & Head of Company Dev, JobCloud, to speak to those who attended the event about how they managed to build up a fruitful collaboration with AROBS Transilvania Software. On Saturday 24th, Lucian spoke during the Institutional Outreach Day about how important is a clear communication with the client for the success of the project. 


"There followed a discussion with Davide Villa of JobCloud and Lucian Mihai Ciot of SC AROBS Transilvania Software SA, who have provided outsourced software development for JobCloud. Mr Villa explained how he aimed to fine-tune the balance between resources in Switzerland and Romania, hiring more staff in Zurich as well as abroad, and how the company had managed the project – appointing specific staff for the purpose, and visiting Romania regularly.


Mr Ciot explained his ultimate aim for any outsourced project handled by his teams – a smile from the customer at the end – and how AROBS had grown by 20% year-on-year, and from under 100 employees eleven years ago to 700 today – in part by selling its own software products directly as well as offering outsourced services."


Lucian came back exalting with energy and new refreshed perspectives about how technology could empower the fashion industry. 


Read the entire article on Fashion Innovation Week website


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