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The AROBS team won the Techsylvania Hackathon! 


We’re not doctors, but we know we can save lives. 


The AROBS team, which took part at the Techsylvania Hackathon, won the first prize for creating a „first aid kit”, which not only teaches you which are the emergency procedures that you have to perform if needed, but also assists you in giving CPR to a person with cardiac arrest. 


“On a superb summerish Saturday, we kicked off the 24 developing marathon at Casa de Cultura a Studentilor, having at the start of the competition more than 130 participants who eventually split in 29 active teams”, announced the organizers. 


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Team #17, called AROBS developed the first aid kit app with short training lessons on CPR is their basic idea. Using a smartwatch as an input, the app aims to connect various smartwatches like Garmin or Pebble and offer you CPR rules on devices and motion notifications (for number of repeats, when to start/stop etc.) on the wearable when you are using CPR. 


Also when starting the procedure, the app is set to automatically call the emergency number and put the phone on speaker so that the rescuer is well guided. 


Congrats, Levi & Co! You are our heroes.

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