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AROBS sponsor for the All Star USA Contest

AROBS sponsored three students from the Cluj-Napoca based Emil Racovita National high school to attend the All Star contest organized by the American Computer Science League. The contest is held each year at a different location, the one from 2013 having taken place at the Enloe High School, Raleigh, Carolina de Nord, on May 25. 

The team sponsored by AROBS included Rosana Balanescu, Paul Horvath Bojan, and Timea Kovacs, who were accompanied by professor Lucian Ilea. 

The contest consisted of a team test and an individual test. Each team had  three hours to devise and implement different computer programs, with the aim of getting 60 points from the jury (40 for Juniors). Then, each team member had one hour and forty five minutes (forty five for juniors) to solve a multiple choice test with 12 questions (8 for Juniors) on the same topics as those from the written tests taken in the qualifying rounds. 

The results of the programming and individual tests were added to determine the winning teams. Individual prizes were also offered for the best results on the multiple choice tests.

The team from Emil Racovita was ranked fourth-fifth out of a total of 18 teams, while the scores achieved in the individual constest were 11 points for Balanescu Rosana, 10 points for Horvath-Bojan Paul, and 9 points for Kovacs Timea, all out of 12 possible.