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The Offer a Smile” Campaign

On Tuesday, December 13th, 2011, four of Santa’s elves (Cristina Florea, Andreea Oprea, Sergiu Cipcigan and Flaviu Ranta) brought the Christmas Spirit into the hearts of four children from a low-income family.

The “Offer a Smile” campaign is a charity cause run by the Rotary Club from Cluj-Napoca.  Our colleagues and the four children went to the Cora Hypermarket to pick the Christmas presents. 

Here are some thoughts shared by our colleague Cristina after the shopping session:

“I took care of Alice, a 13 year old girl. At least this is what I thought, that she was a little girl… until we started to talk; that was when I understood I can talk to her as if she were a grown up.  I sadly noticed there was no trace of childhood in her behavior.  Alice wasn’t a dreamer, like most other children at her age.  She has well shaped plans for the future, knows what college she wants to attend (if this will be possible) and what career she wishes to pursue.  Choosing her Christmas presents was a great pleasure and made Alice seem a child at least when she said “these are the most beautiful things I ever got”.  She chose some clothes and a pair of boots, which she will be wearing for a while, as she lacks the means to replace them.  At the end of the day she gave me a hug and told me that she had never met a more generous Santa than this one.”

We thank our colleagues for their emotional commitment.