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A New United Way - AROBS Campaign in November 2012

One year from the first United Way - AROBS campaign, we are happy to announce that almost 300 people in Cluj are better off as a result of our involvement.  Children with disabilities have been integrated in daycare centers, people in poor health and pennyless are now properly cared for, single mothers and their children live as families, with no fear of poverty and abandonment. We can even say that each AROBS employee has helped at least one person in Cluj.

Looking around we can all notice how many people are hit hard by the crisis. Those who had already been unemployed or sick or with disabilities when the economy started its downfall took the brunt of the blow. These are the ones we and United Way wish to lend a hand to. The time has come  to join our forces with United Way again, as other unfortunate people joined the ranks of those we had already helped.

Since such a difficult task cannot be accomplished in isolation, we repeatedly issued calls to action to all the AROBS employees, which triggered a significant involvement in the project. Two weeks of campaign led to a 12440 EUR donation (6220 EUR from AROBS employees and 6220 EUR from the company), which is close to the target we had set for the campaign. 

Thank you all for being generous and making a real difference to the least fortunate people in Cluj.  Bringing a little comfort and stability in their lives is a real achievement, of which we are all proud.

The AROBS Team demonstrated once more its willingness to shape a better community, one in which our children will have a bright future.