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AROBS launches live traffic info system

AROBS has recently launched the TraficOK service in partnership with Be-Mobile, a Belgian IT services provider and Europa FM. This service is the first private system that collects, interprets, and delivers real time traffic-related data on over 70 percent of the roads in Romania.  TraficOK aims at helping drivers avoid traffic jams and unpleasant traffic events both as a TMC application (Traffic Message Channel) for GPS navigation devices and smartphone and tablet applications.

The first GPS device in Romania that will include this TMC service is Smailo TraficOK, an improved version the navigators manufactured by AROBS since 2008. Of the benefits offered by the new device we mention the travel cost and travel time decreases for car owners, and increases in comfort and travel safety, as the users of our service should be able to avoid around 80% of the unpleasant situations while in traffic.

“The need for this service came with the considerable increase in road congestion throughout Romania and consequently of the frustrating situations in traffic, such as traffic jams, closed roads, or accidents, which create discomfort to drivers” declared Voicu Oprean, General Manager at AROBS.

The system uses traffic data collected from over 65000 cars that are monitored via GPS and from primary sources (police, firefighters, city halls). Upon filtering, validation, and conversion to standard messages, the information is sent directly to the navigation systems fitted with TMC modules, as visual and sound alerts, according to the user's settings. 

TraficOK is an excellent service for the authorities and the media, which can generate live traffic reports, three-dimensional traffic maps, optimized routes, as well as forecasts and dynamic maps which can be inserted in Web pages.

AROBS is currently promoting the service to Romanian public authorities, which are in great need of accurate and up to date information about traffic incidents in their attempt to improve the road infrastructure and the services they provide to traffic participants. “We are currently in discussions with the city halls, not only in Transylvania but also in Bucharest, where we are very active “ said Mr. Voicu Oprean, the General Manager of AROBS.