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AROBS, Starting with A from Agile

Even successful companies sometimes deal with issues or identify aspects that can be improved. “Excellent companies believe not in excellence but in the continuous search for perfection and constant change”. These are the words of Tom Peters, the American author who devoted himself to studying company best practices in the fields of business management in general and in the reach of excellence in particular. 

At the beginning of November, 17 of our colleagues attended a three day training on the Agile development methods. The trainer for the event was Istvan Margetin, partner at Sprint Consulting, a Hungarian company with a remarkable portfolio that is specialized in the “Agile” transformation of local as well as multinational companies.  The training received positive feedback from the 15 colleagues who answered the survey. The majority of respondents agreed that in general: 

  1. The quality of the training was really good (67%);
  2. The information presented was useful/applicable in practice (60%) but also structured in a logical manner (73%);
  3. The ratio between the practical and theoretical knowledge acquired was well balanced (73%);
  4. The trainer proved to be very flexible and paid attention to the needs of the participants (73%);

For the future, we would like the majority of our teams to apply these project management methodologies to improve the current process of software development. One of our colleagues who completed the survey, stated that it is absolutely necessary that we use everything that we can from Agile processes to be able to deliver quality software in an efficient and continuous manner.