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The Operational Support Model at AROBS

Can You Please Describe the Operational Support Model Used to Deliver Your Services?

AROBS has development, testing, and support teams working remotely and on-site. For remote deployment, monitoring, maintenance, backup and recovery, and performance tuning, a secure Internet (VPN) connection is used that connects our environment with the client's. 

Server support consists mainly of routine tasks, the execution of which is defined as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).  Higher level tasks like database tuning, database maintenance, and responding to machine alerts are also handled. Application servers,  DB servers, and Web servers can be monitored, ensuring the availability of mission critical databases and applications.

Proper valid backups are run regularly on all the Production databases. 

AROBS provides periodic reviews and feedback to the customer on performance issues in managing service deliverables.  

The Onsite Environment 

The onsite environment of the client consists of Web servers, database Servers, and application servers situated at different locations and different time zones. The AROBS professionals log into these servers with the credentials provided by customers, create tickets for the issues received or detected and monitor these servers periodically, at a frequency agreed upon with the customers. AROBS report to the onsite environment in case of errors or issues, following an effective, long tested, escalation procedure. 

The Offshore Environment 

The AROBS Offshore Development Centers (ODC) are equipped to run from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (GMT+2), according to the current needs of the customer.  Email server support is provided on a 24x7 basis.  The ODC are hosted in two different buildings, one owned by AROBS and fitting about 100 developers, the other a Type A rented business center, fitting the remaining 100 developers.  Both buildings have modern equipment, communication, and security systems.  The space we got in the business center had been previously occupied by Nokia, which tells enough about the quality of the facility.  The servers are stored in a secured, air conditioned room, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) are mandatory in both our development centers, and dedicated secured rooms can be set up for customers upon request

The centers are equipped with a failsafe network (cable Internet from two different providers, and three wireless connections).  Our local security consists mainly of:

  • a strict control of the in/out access through Firewall;
  • well defined permissions for each user role in ActiveDirectory;
  • a centralized Antivirus which runs on all workstations and on the server;
  • a data backup plan;
  • the mandatory and automatic updating of the operating systems with the latest security patches;
  • the mandatory use of complex passwords;
  • the automated locking of workstations that have not been used for 3 minutes;
  • video surveillance using the camera mounted at the office main entrance;
  • card based access to the offices.

External and internal audits are scheduled periodically to ensure the proper use and implementation of the infrastructure and procedures. 

Well trained professionals, coordinated by seasoned Development Managers, Project Managers, and Team Leaders handle the customer's requirements and deliverables.  Any operational issues that may occur are addressed according to a well-defined and effective escalation process. 

The Delivery Mechanism 

The offshore services are delivered via a secure Internet (VPN) connection to the client environment. Only the VPN client is installed on the developer's computer. No VPN access is allowed in the AROBS network to protect all the data that is subject to non disclosure agreements.

The means of communication used for delivery, reviews, and clarifications are e-mail, internet chat, tele-conferencing, and video conferencing.   For convenience, the single point of contact approach is suggested to customers, this contact being a development manager or a project manager or a team leader.