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Why Cluj-Napoca, Romania for Software Services?

Romania, Cluj-Napoca - top destination for software services.


In the economical and political circumstances of the Crimean crisis, Romania (a NATO member since 2004 and an EU member since 2007) proves once more to be an excellent destination for information technology services. Read more in the latest study

Around 14,000 companies in the information technology sector employing 75,500 workers are currently conducting activity in Romania and the revenues generated by them last year totaled 4 billion euros, shows study on the national IT industry carried out by Cluster iTech Transilvania by ARIES Transilvania (the Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry).

There are countless reasons to choose Cluj-Napoca as your top destination for software services. We will briefly touch a few of the most important ones, letting you consult the most objective and trustworthy sources available for information on this topic.

  • Cluj-Napoca is one of the most important academic centers in Romania, rich in top level technical universities and colleges.
  • The highest proportion of college students per 1000 inhabitants in Romania has been recorded in Cluj-Napoca;
  • A rapid population increase and an economic boom are forecasted for Cluj-Napoca. It is also the first Romanian city declared a metropolitan area after Bucharest;
  • The modern and constantly improving infrastructure. Major projects have been undertaken to modernize transportation and the IT infrastructure, all with great results. The Cluj international airport has been expanded, the highway segment linking Cluj with Turda has been completed, competition among providers of software outsourcing services tightens;
  • The convenient air travel to and from many major European destinations. The list of direct flight from the Cluj international airport is constantly expanding, currently including London, Budapest, Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Zaragoza, Viena, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munchen, Pisa, Rome, Treviso, etc

According to a report published by Gartner "Offshore service providers requiring multiple language capabilities, a qualified IT workforce, and proximity to European markets and cultures should consider Romania as a location for IT sourcing". Listed next are a few key finding from the same report:

  • Romania‚Äôs key strength is its availability of skilled IT services labor pools at competitive low costs.
  • Romania is transforming its entire economic and political systems to bring them into line with European Union (EU) standards.
  • It is receiving financial aid to mature its IT infrastructure and legal system and to create an information society.
  • A shortage of certified IT services delivery centers and a drain of IT workers pose challenges to sourcing managers.


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