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Staffing And Subcontracting Issues in Offshore Software Outsourcing

Please describe AROBS' staffing policy.

Whenever possible, we allocate only AROBS personnel to a new account. To avoid the need for outside contractors we recommend our Customers to ramp-up the team gradually, so that we have enough time to re-assign specialists from projects where demand for resources is decreasing or even hire new personnel when the in-house resources are insufficient. In rare cases, subcontracting is unavoidable.

On average, how long does it take AROBS to allocate a new specialist to a project?

Up-scaling a team can take anywhere from a few days to several good weeks, depending on the time of the request, the type of resource requested, and the allocation period. When hiring new specialists is the only way of meeting the request, finding the right person and getting her / him on board can take some time. The duration of the recruitment process depends on the level of expertise required (junior, mid level, senior), the skill set sought (iPhone, Java, architecture, development, etc), and on timing. Some times of the year are better for recruiting than others.  On average, it takes at least 6 calendar weeks from the moment we advertise a position until an experienced specialist who meets all our criteria can join AROBS. According to Romanian legislation, a notice of at least 15 calendar days is required from anyone who wishes to leave her / his current job. For specialists in managerial positions a 30 day notice may be required.

Under what circumstances does AROBS subcontract work?

AROBS subcontracts work only if the contract signed with its customer makes it clear this practice is allowed. All stipulations regarding subcontracting from the agreements between AROBS and its customer take precedence to any existing agreements between AROBS and its subcontractors. The subcontractor makes guarantees to AROBS that at least match the guarantees made by AROBS to the customer.

Can you provide any guarantees for team stability?

AROBS commits to not reassigning allocated Specialists with which the customer is happy to other Customers insofar as this is possible. We understand that customers want to establish good, long-term work relationships with specific allocated specialists and will therefore do all that is possible to avoid reassigning them. While this is almost always possible for team leaders and project managers, fresh graduates and students in terminal years are prone to changing jobs in their first years of employment.

When such situations occur we will provide the Customer with a 15 day notice for any planned change or removal of the specialist. According to the Romanian laws, an allocated specialist must give a 15 calendar day notice before terminating his/her contract with AROBS. Under such a circumstance the allocated specialist can only be available for a maximum of 15 calendar days since the date of the notice and the Supplier provides a replacement to meet the 15 day notice provision.

We guarantee to provide you with an appropriate replacement for any specialist leaving the team and do any knowledge transfer required to keep the project running smoothly at our cost.

How do you handle explicitly requested extra hours (e.g. weekend or extraordinary project situation)?

The way we handle such requests is stipulated in the contract signed with each customers. Our employees are ready to accept over-time with some positive reinforcement. Some of them opt for overtime pay, while others for flex time. Whether or not they agree to do overtime is up to the employees, as we cannot coerce them. So far, our specialists have always reacted in the most responsible manner possible to emergencies.