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AROBS Relies on the Best Professionals Available

The steady development of AROBS can be attributed to our personnel policy. An important role in this trend is played by our partnership with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca as well as with other educational institutions. Year after year, we screen and recruit the best University graduates.

In our screening process we are also relying heavily on internships, which are offering students a great opportunity to acquire valuable practical experience at AROBS and let AROBS managers identify the most talented, hard working, and committed future specialists.

Due to our expansion we have managed to set up teams in several more cities around the country, besides Cluj-Napoca: Bucharest, Baia Mare, Targu Mures, Suceava, Iasi and Arad. We can also proud ourselves with teams in Hungary, Moldavia, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherland and Belgium.

Our employees are also working for international certification and recognition. AROBS acknowledges the right of every individual to set aside time for professional development, which can be allotted to anything from training to exams. The company‚Äôs management understands the importance of personal and professional growth and therefore encourages its employees to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

It is obvious to anyone that AROBS' growth is possible only if YOU, the customer, are satisfied. While the importance of clever management to success is undeniable, only YOU, the customer, can make the buying decision and thereby influence our future.

Through a seamless integration of the pricing policy, service quality and desire to succeed, AROBS is laying down the basis for a mutually beneficial and highly rewarding relationship with you.