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Management with Degrees from Top Universities and Broad Industry Expertise

AROBS relies on a management team formed of people with extensive experience studying and/or working in industrialized countries such as Germany and the USA. We invite you to take a glimpse at their brief profiles.

Voicu OPREAN - Founder and Managing Director

Voicu is armed with a solid formal training in both computer science and business administration and has taken advantage of several training programs offered by Dutch and American institutions and companies. Soon after his graduation from a Romanian MBA program, Voicu spent 4 years learning the secrets of the IT arena as a software developer, project manager and then software consultant. While the expertise he has gained in Romania was undoubtedly valuable, his employment with the California-based Randr. Inc triggered Voicu's desire to start his own business. The rest is history...

Taking advantage of his excellent leadership and project/personnel management skills, of his technical expertise as well as of his unquestionable gift for communication, Voicu has build an impressive business in record time.

With interests spanning all areas of Internet technology, Voicu has embarked on an ongoing quest for fertile business grounds and soon identified the most appropriate niches for the company's resources. Voicu's business acumen, inquiring nature and unconventional approaches, enabled him to produce excellent results over a short period of time.

The AROBS employees regard Voicu as a great role model, one that nobody in the company could copy as of yet.