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Technical Innovation - The "Secret" of Our Success

How Does AROBS  Support Technical Innovation?

Technical innovation - the linchpin of our development center - is supported by appropriate team structures, human resources policies, and enticing profit sharing perspectives.  At a team level, a number of specialists directly proportional with the team size constantly engages in research on technologies that are relevant to their activities and on solutions developed by competitors which are similar to those requested by our customers.  These specialists are also encouraged to suggest niche products that AROBS can develop internally for either the local or the global market.  

At a company level, there are plans to add a specialized research team in the structure that would collect and analyze market data, suggest ideas for new products and services, and prepare marketing and implementation plans for the selected ideas.  

Since brilliant ideas can come from any member of the organizational structure, the ideas can originate from anyone in the company.  The suggestions are saved in an idea databank and analyzed periodically by a team of company executives and technical specialists. 

Participation in the innovation program is encouraged not only by the public recognition and salary increase a winning idea might bring but also by the chance to get a share from the profits it would generate.

Keeping our specialists up to date with the most relevant changes in technologies (mobile and server), and creating the premises for a short learning curve would enable AROBS to at least meet the quality expectations for the miCoach product suite