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Unsurpassed Customer Satisfaction

Through a strict adherence to project specifications and well defined and effective QA procedures we have made a habit of surpassing customer expectations. Testimonials from our customers demonstrate that we deliver what we sell. All our customers stated they would choose AROBS again. An important US partner once noted that we are doing the same work as his specialists in approximately half the time while also winning the battle for quality.

Short Time to Market

As a result of following strict procedures for development, testing, and quality assurance and of employing only highly skilled specialists we have constantly impressed our customers with delivery times that greatly exceeded their most optimistic expectations. This in turn led to rapid times to market for the products we have developed, guaranteeing our customers important competitive advantages. By outsourcing software projects or entire business processes to AROBS you will achieve results that at least meet your expectations.

Quantifiable Value for the Customer

Our value proposition emphasizes the following as main benefits to the customer:

  • Guaranteed performance levels,
  • Predictable costs,
  • Guaranteed application up-time.

The performance levels for AROBS’ services are stated and guaranteed by the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and our commitment to No-Risk Service.

The SLA lays down separate guarantees for availability, performance and customer care, while our commitment to no-risk service results from the contract terms, which cover all the technical requirements for the entire term of the contract. Everything is transparent in your relationship with AROBS, meaning that you need not worry about any hidden costs.

Simple, straightforward project and customer relationship management and predictable budgeting are other important indicators of our service quality.

We deliver monthly reports on the status of the project and of all outstanding issues, as well as on our compliance with the SLAs. All of our services are included in the monthly cost agreed upon, allowing you to accurately budget the project costs.

Important Cost Advantages

By outsourcing software projects to AROBS you will significantly lower your investments in equipment and set-up fees and reduce your personnel expenses. Nor would you need to keep your specialists’ skills up-to-date or offer them consistent benefit packages.

Experienced Management

Our joint venture with Hotelzon, a Finnish company which provides us with managerial support and the presence within our ranks of managers with extensive stages at prestigious companies/institutions from countries such as the USA and Germany enables us to offer guarantees as to the professional project management you would get from AROBS. As already stated, the quality management comes with a firm promise of the shortest possible project development cycle, which allows our customers to set aside more time for other tasks at hand and to focus on their core competences.


Besides taking on entire projects, AROBS also provides complementary resources to its customers at times when the customers’ development requirements exceed their internal capacity. This means that we can take on a specific part of the entire project and work closely with our customer’s project manager or simply assign developers to the project and have them coordinated from abroad.

Furthermore, relying on programming experts who bring in lots of valuable skills means we are not limited to a few technologies, such as Java, Microsoft, OS X, or Android. This significant competitive advantage enables us to tackle projects that many software houses would find unapproachable and adjust quickly to shifting customer demands.

Excellent Overall Value

AROBS offers quality software development services at an outstanding total cost. This cost includes all the time and resources that our customer invests in a project, from problem definition, to product delivery and support. AROBS’ services come with the guarantee of an outstanding quality that meets the most exacting needs, on time and within budget.

What are our customers saying? 


Our collaboration with AROBS was seen as an opportunity to work on several segments regarding an innovative project from March 2016. The project came with several activities from technical to functional analysis, development of a proof of concept applying machine, learning algorithms and web developments (from end to backend). Overall, everybody enjoyed a very fruitful collaboration.


Additionally, we valued the methodology, and we had also appreciated the creativity and the proactive performance of the team who was constantly proposing innovative solutions. Mentioning the employees, we had the chance to work with a very cooperative team. We developed a pleasant relationship outside the working process.


We had no problems with the timeline and the economic terms which have been always maintained accordingly.


Based on our experience, we confidently recommend AROBS as a partner for projects development. AROBS comes up not only with an innovative mindset but also with upgraded skills, and availability in the engagement of resources in relation to the economic costs which are very competitive.

Maurizio Codoni 

CEO PMTP SA, Switzerland.


Travelling has become more than going from one place to another. Travelling it’s more than a journey, it is about the experience you wish to have. This is why I created Splendia, a travel platform that creates enjoyable experiences easy to manage.


The commitment and expertise regarding the travel industry AROBS implemented in the platform contributed to its success. After the platform was fully developed, Splendia was acquired by Voyage Prive.


Elie de Coignac

Managing Director Splendia, Spain.


Our collaboration started at the end of 2005 with two AROBS developers. At the moment over 30 AROBS employees are working on our projects. The professionalism and commitment delivered by the AROBS’ developers and the project management have convinced us to steadily scale up the co-operation.Despite very complex requirements, AROBS has always delivered high-quality solutions meeting our standards.


AROBS’ skilled software developers assigned to our projects are fluent in English and communicate seamlessly with our staff based in Helsinki. On time delivery, clean code, flexibility, and geographical proximity are other advantages of the partnership with AROBS.


Given the fruitful co-operation with AROBS over the past couple of years, we strongly believe in a long-term co-operation with them and thus decided to invest in AROBS and became a minor shareholder in June 2006. We have no doubts the money has been well invested.


I am happy to give Mr. Voicu Oprean and the entire AROBS team my highest recommendation.


Jani Kaskinen

CEO Hotelzon, Finland.