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Prime and Competitively Priced IT Solutions

Listed below you can find a few of the reasons that would make AROBS an excellent partner for software nearshoring and offshoring.

Profit Increases

Starting a software development partnership with us represents an excellent cost-cutting opportunity. Backed by its highly skilled work force, AROBS has no reason to compete on price alone. Our teams are focused in offering excellent quality at some of the most competitive rates around.

Just take a look at the next advantages in the list and you will easily figure out the great profit potential of a partnership between our companies.

Access to Outstanding and Reliable Experts

Our location in the heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca, a major academic and economic center, helps us take advantage of a constant supply of highly skilled developers with excellent linguistic abilities. AROBS' specialists are fluent in at least one of the following foreign language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Hungarian. AROBS has extended to seven Romanian offices and 6 international branches.

Furthermore, Romanian specialists who have studied and lived among native speakers of English or German often decide to return to Romania and work for us.


The main factors that make Romania a major destination for customers in search of quality software outsourcing services:

  • the worldwide acclaimed skills of the Romanian IT specialists. A global IT IQ report released by Brainbench places Romania on the 6th place in the world and on the 2nd place in Europe when it comes to professional competence and intellectual training. Brainbench is considered the world’s most important agency specialized in on-line research on professional qualification,
  • the experience that many Romanian IT specialists bring back home after having worked in developed countries. According to recent polls conducted by the Romanian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the brain drain Romania has long experienced is on the wane and more and more IT specialists prefer Romania over the developed world,
  • the rare linguistic skills which many Romanians enjoy. The Eastern European Translators Association classed Romanians as “the best foreign language speakers in Europe". According to a study conducted by this organization, 60% of Romanians speak a foreign language, usually English, while approximately 25% speak two foreign languages (usually English and French). The study predicts that English will soon become the Romanians’ 2nd native language,
  • the highly competitive rates practiced by Romanian providers of software outsourcing services.

Convenient Location

The excellent location of Cluj and the presence of an international airport at the outskirts of our city make it extremely easy for you to pay us a visit. It only takes about an hour by air to get to Cluj from almost any West-European country. And if you have no direct flight, you can go to Bucharest and take a connecting flight from there. 

Guaranteed On Time Delivery

Delivering the work on time represents one of our highest priority. Consequently, we outlined and implemented strict procedures to be used as guidelines for all our activities. As a resulted of following these procedures and of employing the best specialists around,we have constantly impressed our customers with our out of the ordinary delivery times. An important partner from the US once noticed that we are doing the same work as his specialists in approximately half the time. He was even more surprised that we have also won the battle for quality.

Your Direct Involvement in the Project

Dedicated to producing innovative and effective software solutions, we encourage all our customers to contribute to the shaping of their products by constantly providing us with valuable inputs. Together with our clients, we analyze all variables and attributes which are relevant to their projects and thus get a step closer to producing results that meet the most exacting requirements and budgetary constraints.

Wide Range of Services

Our expertise spans a wide and constantly expanding array of technologies and programming languages. You can rely on us for anything from product design and development to maintenance of legacy systems, testing and technical support. Internet and intranet technologies, system programming, business applications and web-based solutions all lie within our competences.


Since each of our programming experts brings in lots of valuable skills, we can usually handle the most complex requirements. This means we are not limited to Java and Microsoft technologies. It also means that we can tackle projects that many software houses would find unapproachable and adjust quickly to shifting customer demands.

Open Mindedness

Fully aware that progress never happens in a void, we actively pursue any opportunities for professional collaboration and networking. AROBS is using as many avenues as possible to interact with customers, professionals and the media. From professional fairs or trade shows to publishing in IT&C magazines, from enrolling in and actively supporting professional associations to partnering with other IT&C companies, AROBS ceases any opportunity to make itself heard and to listen to others. A living proof of the previous statement is our membership in ARIES and ANIS, the most important Romanian associations for software professionals and companies.

Commitment to Confidentiality

During the term of any agreement and for up to 6 years afterwards, AROBS uses reasonable care to prevent the unauthorized use or dissemination of any confidential information the customer provides us with. Reasonable care means at least the same degree of care we use to protect our own confidential information from unauthorized disclosure.