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Work Arrangements For Software Outsourcing

What types of work arrangements does AROBS offer for software outsourcing?

Depending on your specific requirements, we can employ any of the following arrangements for software outsourcing:

  • the project-based approach, in which you are providing all the project details and we are doing all the work on our premises;
  • the remote team approach, in which you lead a team made of the number of AROBS specialists you require. This team is also working on our premises.

When working on a project basis we need to agree on the project specifications, which would be thoroughly analyzed by one of our senior developers. Based on her evaluations, we can then offer you a price quote and an estimate for the project duration. We would also set milestones and agree on any aspects regarding delivery. Upon project completion we can do the installation, support and maintenance as convened upon.

When the remote team approach is employed, we fully allocate the team to you and your projects. Keeping the team busy would be your responsibility. I recommend this approach mostly for vaguely defined projects, as well as for projects that require a lot of field-related and/or specific knowledge (e.g. specific knowledge about admission procedures followed by private hospitals in England). In such cases, the specific knowledge is rarely made public and even if it were, the programmers would continue do to what they know best: programming based on customer specifications.

Can AROBS tackle large outsourcing projects?

The answer is YES. While we do not possess the resources demanded by large offshore software development, the cluster of companies to which we belong will certainly find all the man and machine power required.

AROBS is one of the founding fathers of a major business conglomerate that brings together the most important providers of IT&C services from Cluj-Napoca. With over 500 specialists at its disposal, this cluster can handle almost any type of IT&C requirements.

Even if your project seems to go beyond our capabilities you can still write to us and we will forward your request to all members of the clusters.

Is it possible for you to develop only a part of my application?

We can develop whatever you require us, as long as we or the IT cluster we belong to possess the necessary resources. To do so, we need comprehensive and clear specifications. These specs will also become part of our contract and actually define our contractual obligations to you.

What type of specifications do you need for to run a nearshore IT  project entirely at your site?

Preparing the perfect specifications is easier said then done. If you have already put the specification together for your project, just send them to us and we will request any additional details on an as needed basis.  With the specifications complete, we will prepare a contract and have it signed. We are willing to make slight alterations to the specs while working on the project, as long as these changes are fully justified.

If you have no specifications, the situation can become somewhat... sensitive. To put it simply, you would have to hire us to prepare the specs for you. This process requires face-to-face meetings either at your site or at our headquarters. Meetings you would have to pay for...

Can you take over unfinished tasks?

YES, we can. We have taken over projects from companies in India, for example, and put them on the right track.