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Top Quality Embedded Software For The System Of Your Choice

With an expertise in custom software development for embedded systems spanning areas as diverse as car navigation, GPS fleet tracking, operator panels with a centralized control solution for managing accessories attached to utility vehicles (e.g. tractors, diggers or road sweepers), a data trouble code (DTC) management system for auto vehicles, tire information systems, software for CAN / LIN communication and control for various car components, and audio/video players for automobiles incorporated in Linux based board computers, the AROBS engineers are ready to program any types of embedded devices. 

Any product is a fair game for us, from consumer electronics (video game consoles, personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile phones, mp3 players, digital cameras, GPS devices, DVD players) to household appliances (dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens) or to large installations like factory controllers, or factory assembly lines.

Listed next are a few illustrative features we have designed and implemented so far: 

  • Software for CAN / LIN communication and control for Wipers, interior heating, exterior lights, centralized locking, alarm;
  • Data Trouble Code (DTC) error management (e.g. under-voltage and over-voltage for the entire car system, ECU internal failures, invalid wheel, communication protocol (CAN) errors, etc.);
  • Door-to-door Navigation;
  • Function keys for operator panels; 
  • CAN bus and serial ports;
  • Rotary actuators; 
  • Signpost Information; 
  • Speed Info; 
  • Touch screen operation; 
  • 3D-viewing; 
  • Voice Command function; 
  • Route planning with diverse reference points; 
  • Destination selection from Outlook contacts;
  • TFT displays; 
  • SD card slot; 
  • MP3 player (add-on to a GPS navigation solution);
  • Video player.