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Open Source Solutions Tailored To Price Sensitive Customers

Depending on your budget, functional and technical requirements of the solution you need implemented, AROBS can handle the project relying either open source platforms or licensed software (e.g. Microsoft products).

The final choice will depend on multiple criteria, the most important being the functional requirements, the development time, and the maintenance effort required.

When calculating the total cost of ownership make sure you factor in the potential reduction in development time ensured by some licensed software versus their open source counterparts.

This is clearly not the case for content management platforms (CMS) like Typo3, which provides countless pre-defined modules that speed up the development process.

The open source platforms we master include: Java, PHP (Typo3, Code Igniter, Joomla, Drupal, Exponent, Pehppy, Magento, OSCommerce), embedded Linux, and mobile platforms (e.g. Android).

We also support:

  • Open source applications running on Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD servers
  • Various versions of Linux like Debian, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu Linux and OpenSuse Linux
  • Samba, the Open Source alternative for data sharing between Linux file servers and Microsoft clients
  • Apache web server
    PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle
  • JBoss and Apache Tomcat Open Source middleware for web and enterprise applications
  • TCP/UDP/RAW Sockets, HTTP(S), SMTP, MIME, SOAP, DNS, Template Toolkit, HTML, Parser