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Web Solutions That Can Take You Out Of Your Socks

With an expertise spanning more than 10 years and industries as diverse as travel, banking, automotive, or entertainment, AROBS can tackle Web development projects in almost any field, regardless of their sizes and technology requirements. You can find at us impressive supplies of both the industry and technological expertise that can make your web development project a big hit.

So far, our Web development assignments have taken anywhere from 3 man to hundreds of man months to develop, test, and maintain and often involved mixed teams of architects, project managers, team leaders, software developers, QA specialists, and software testers. The high level roles in these teams have been played either by AROBS personnel or by specialists from the customers' teams.

The main technologies used in our custom Web development assignments have been Java (java se, java ee, struts, hibernate), Microsoft (ASP.Net, Visual Basic, Silverlight), PHP, and several open source platforms like Typo3, Magento, Joomla, Drupal.