Automotive software and hardware solutions

Our engineering team is fully committed to delivering state-of-the-art complex solutions for the automotive industry, including Body Control Modules, Gateway ECUs, Door Control ECUs, Power closures, Radars, Car Keys, Wireless chargers, Instrument Clusters, Head-Up Displays, Secondary Displays, Infotainment Systems and Telematic units. 

We provide advanced automotive software and hardware services along with know-how, gained working over 10 years for top industry brands.
Quality is part of our DNA and becomes our top priority when delivering complex automotive solutions to our partners.

We create the latest software and hardware solutions with a team of
experienced professionals in the automotive industry.

Why AROBS for Automotive:

Our expertise covers categories like:
interior control units, infotainment systems, connectivity and telematics, powertrain, parking, electrical and hybrid vehicles.

High-quality work
The software created by us is compliant with the following industry standards: ISO26262, AUTOSAR, ISO/IEC 15504, ISO/IEC 27001 and Automotive SPICE.
We deliver end-to-end solutions, as well as essential units of the product, while a dedicated team is always at your disposal for specific areas of the development process.

Wide competence areas
Over 350 team members operate within Agile and V model development processes in the following areas:

  • applications and basic software (requirement engineering, SW architecture, code construction, software integration)
  • software/system testing (system software development, quality assurance, assurance engineering)
  • system engineering and safety engineering
  • hardware (hardware layout engineering, automotive electronics, bus com. mixed signal/PCB design)
  • mechanical (design and prototyping)
  • technical project leading and software project management, all following Automotive SPICE and AUTOSAR standards.

Featured Products

Body Control Modules, Gateway ECUs, Door Control ECUs, Power closures, Radars, Car Keys, Wireless chargers, Instrument Clusters, Head-Up Displays, Secondary Displays, Infotainment Systems and Telematic units, Power Train.

Brands we worked for:

When you think of a top brand of the automotive industry, there are high chances an AROBS team member worked on it. Exclusiveness and privacy are core values to how we work thus, the issue of brands is undisclosed.

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44-46, Henri Barbusse Street
Cluj-Napoca, 400616, Romania

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