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Claims Manager

Claims manager is a scalable software product for claim management in all life insurance product lines. Listed next are a few of the application's most significant features: parametrized claim handling rules and taxation tools, which enable fast adaptation to changes in the operational environment; management of all types of life insurance claims - from pension pay-outs to lump sum compensations with several beneficiaries and multiple payees; best practices and proven methods lists, compiled from various markets and multiple organizations; seamless connections to all policy management processes; automated processes for handling pension, death and maturity claims, which reduce the need for manual claim handling; flexible as far as reactions to changes in tax legislation are concerned; easy insertion of country specific tax rules when entering into a new market area; ready-made country packages, which ensure fast localization; support for a full audit trail. Users may view version history, policy level history and claim action logs.

  • Customer, Country: Profit Software, Estonia

  • Application Type: Web

  • Technologies: Java: JSP, Struts, EJB

  • Main Activities: Custom Software Development

  • Keywords: claims, management, handling, taxation, insurance, pension, pay-out, policy, action, logs

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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