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Christmas Party “in blue and green” - December 2012

The Christmas Party, a well established tradition at AROBS, is a great way to let people know they can catch their breath and reap the benefits of their hard work at the end of the year.

This year’s event had a twist, as the employees were invited without their significant others, and thus had the opportunity to know lots of colleagues they do not normally interact with at work. Almost 300 people from our offices in Cluj and the branches in Bucharest, Iasi and Oradea showed up and had a great time. There was one little prerequisite for participation: each attendant had to wear a blue or green accessory, as these colors represent AROBS.

Organized on December 13th at the Euphoria Music Hall, the party went on and on for almost 12 hours, the abundance of food, drinks and lively music making the hours seem seconds. The climax of the evening was a surprise few could have guessed: a one and a half hour concert of the legendary rock band Iris, which is highly popular among Romanians of all ages. One of our colleagues (lucky, lucky girl we all envy) received an autograph from the rock stars for guessing the name of the band beforehand. 

Besides the great music, delicious food and plenty of drinks we had various activities, prizes and presents. Secret Santa was totally secret and very funny, chasing down colleagues and helping us socialize with persons we do not interact with on a daily basis.

As always, we did not forget the less fortunate ones and set up a charity sweepstakes for the Dumbrava Monastery. Very grateful thanks are due to all those those who showed generosity, including Iris, who donated an appreciable part of their fee to the good cause.

The majority of the participants declared this party one of the greatest ever, which means the organizers fully deserve our congratulations and appreciations. They will certainly have a hard time next year to at least meet the standards they have just set.