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At A Cross-Country Event in Cluj-Napoca - November 2011

In October 2011, several brave AROBS guyes took part in the first edition of the Cross-Country competition organized by the Runners Club  for local businesses.

Ionut Gherle, Claudiu Ignat, Zsolt Langviser, Claudiu Mailat, Andreea Oprea and Bogdan Sara faced the 2 degrees centigrade temperature together in the first event of this kind, together with other 85 teams made of 3 members each. 

Zsolt Langviser, the team leader of the best placed  AROBS team tells us how his team managed to cross the line the third, in 19 minutes and 9 seconds: ‘’After the usual chaos at the start, the race settled and 100 meters from the finish line it became obvious which teams will fight for the podium.  We were among them and with a bit of luck we could have finished first’’.  The second AROBS team completed the 5 km race, which is more than honorable.

Andreea Oprea, the only girl representing AROBS at the event, said: ‘’Cross-Country for Companies was a challenge for me because since childhood, when I did athletics for a short period of time, I have never attended such an event. It was a surprise for me to run in a team of guys, but my colleagues have been lenient on me, supported me and together we finished the competition well. On this occasion, I have decided to start running more often, for my own health and to prepare for next year's race, where I want to have better results.’’