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RED Christmas Party - December 2013

AROBS invited us once more to celebrate Christmas in "Family" on December 6. This year's party was held at Euphoria Music Hall and started quite early. It was only 6 p.m. when the first guests showed up.

Plenty of drinks and delicious food hidden in semi-darkness, which included a wide selection for vegetarians (e.g. courses cooked with sauce and vegetables) lifted the spirits.

It was about 8 p.m. when the last ones made their appearances, with presents for colleagues drawn from a list. Since there are more than 350 "souls" in the company, most of us had to be guided by others to the happy recipients of the gifts. This was a nice and quite emotional moment. Even more touching was to see people dressed in RED, in line with the party's dress code.

Voicu Oprean, the company's CEO, opened the real party with a brief speech. Loads of good music and the concert held by the Bere Gratis (Free Beer) band warmed the atmosphere. There were bracelets, wishes, and a raffle. Some of those who donated for the two social causes brought to the fore on this occasion won AROBS products and generous cheers from the public. We all had fun, some with moderation, others totally unrestrained, until early in the morning. Since 1000 words make less than an image we will let the Facebook photo album tell the story of our Red Christmas Party.