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Late Spring Ski Trip At Straja

To let go off the tension accumulated during the first quarter of 2011, our brave skiers took to the road and they ended up at... Straja, in the Parang mountains. Though quite far from Cluj and requiring some patience to get there, Straja was one of only a few resorts in Romania to provide decent skiing conditions at the end of March. The guys who took the rented bus ended up better than those who decided to drive, as jokes, songs, and liquors kept them "warm" throughout the trip.

Beside the excellent ski trails, Straja is also renowned for the beautiful landscapes, which proved irresistible to our passionate hikers. Fitted with snow cannons and facilities for night skiing, the slopes were a real delight for both skiers and sledgers. Regardless of the activities they engaged in, the entire AROBS team have greatly enjoyed the weekend's outdoors experience, heartily taking in the nice views and the fresh mountain air. 

Games, chatting, and parties made the evenings seem too short and the AROBS office a distant memory.

The Straja getaway was such a success that all the attendees can hardly wait the next big adventure. 

This trip has clearly achieved its goal of strengthening the AROBS team spirit.