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The New AROBS Employer Brand

Press Release, October 28, 2013

AROBS has initiated an extensive rebranding process for the employer brand to position the company as an employer open to creating a harmonious work and life balance, and becoming the closest to nature IT brand from Cluj. The new image gives the brand a strong and balanced, as well as dynamic, vibrant and optimistic personality.

With the employer brand, AROBS brings forward a model for work and life based on mutual respect between people, customers and community, respect for nature and for the environment. AROBS makes a unique, relevant and compelling promise, that fits with the values ​​that employees guide themselves by in their work and personal lives, while affirming the company’s values​​: entrepreneurial creativity and innovation, dynamism and efficiency, continuous growth and development, openness and flexibility, commitment and community involvement. This complex of values ​​and motivations can be found in the programs and policies for employees, resulting in the benefits and rewards package, showing why the entire work experience in AROBS is different and interesting.

The concept of the employer brand communication campaign centers on the idea of ​​work-life balance and team harmony, reflected by the "In perfect harmony" tagline. At AROBS everyone find their place in a larger team, the individual passions fit among the concerns and interests of colleagues. This message is sent through the company presentation video and the graphic concept of the campaign by composing multiple separate messages. The aspiring affirmations and headlines are statements full of emotion and color, about passions, work, and accomplishment. AROBS stimulates openness to nature, encourages personal expression, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The passions are related to the natural environment, joy, energy and zest for life, the whole concept is alive, fresh and vibrant, with graphics in blue-green colors.

AROBS aims to celebrate life, having as its major objective to become more of a green brand, an eco conscious brand that motivates its employees in this direction. From supporting NGOs on the environmental projects, to participating or initiating CSR activities, from the development of software solutions that promote energy savings, up to design a green building, AROBS is positioned as one of the leading IT Romanian brands that advocates life, health and the environment, an issue that is essential in developing the employer brand.

"Through the attention we pay to the development and growth of our people, we demonstrate our commitment to what really matters to them. Activities within AROBS are related to their set of beliefs and attitudes towards work, life, nature, environment, and community. We want our employees to have a greater sense of affinity between what they personally care about and what matters to the company they work for. " - Aurelian Deaconu, Executive director, Software Services AROBS.

"For the environment compliance, we promote Driving behavior systems from Track GPS that allow fuel-saving by fostering an efficient driving style and drivers education in traffic. Track GPS is an entrepreneurial project developed by AROBS, the result of the combined efforts of our teams of software development, support, marketing, and sales. "- Valentin Mudura, Executive director, Internally Developed Products AROBS.

"With everything we do, we aim to create a climate of trust, openness and support, to stimulate the individual initiatives and develop entrepreneurial spirit. We want to have enthusiastic and passionate people in our team, who come up with new ideas, to implement projects that will change the face of the world as Google or Facebook did. " - Voicu Oprean, CEO AROBS.