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We Understand You Perfectly

We know you are young, you wish to gain experience and to make a smooth transition between the bohemian college life and the real world. We are also well that you possess valuable knowledge/experiences in various fields that are unrelated to programming, such as marketing, philology, or consumer psychology. This is why we support your growth with training and a comprehensive career planning program.

Our Expectations...

We seek creative, talented, open minded, driven persons that stand out for their good technical and communication skills and are interested in constantly challenging their current limits. We will grow together by sharing our knowledge, experiences, dreams and visions.

Discover a United Team!

People are our very reason to exist and we therefore treat them with the greatest respect possible. By joining the AROBS team you will enter not both an environment marked by constant change and a group of real friends, who are helping each other in times of needs and know how to feel good together.

Full Support for AROBS Employees

We contribute to the professional growth of our employees through training sessions covering areas as diverse as programming languages, communication, foreign languages, project management, leadership, entrepreneurship. All the recently hired software developers undergo on-the-job training anddocumentation and have mentors assigned. We also encourage and give developers all the support they need to get certified in different areas.

Career Management and Planning

A well-structured and comprehensive career planning program is in place at AROBS, which helps each specialist identify and follow the most appropriate career path. Talent management, performance feedback and appraisal, and employee recognition are other areas that receive the highest attention from our HR department. Specific programs can be designed for our specialists when they start a new project for a client. Such programs depend on the project requirements and on the level of expertise of the allocated specialists. A gap analysis is performed and based on it a decision is taken as to whether or not training is required.

IT Events, Conferences, Lectures

Developers are encouraged to attend various IT events, conferences, and presentations that focus on the latest technologies and innovative approaches. One such event was organized by AROBS in May 2013, when Simon Brown, a British expert, made two presentations on Software architecture, one for 25 AROBS specialists, the other for any IT specialist from Cluj interested in the topic.


We encourage our engineers to interact with specialists outside AROBS, in an attempt to build effective learning communities, which they can rely upon when necessary. The presentations we madeat the last two How To WEB or Mobile Mondayconferences are good illustrations of our contributionto technical progress.