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Enhancement of a car navigation solution

The Problem
Our client distributes automotive software to major car manufacturers. Among these is a car navigation solution sold at premium rates, only with incorporated maps. As car owners demanded the right to purchase and install the maps themselves, the manufacturers asked our client to adjust its product.  This could only be achieved by making the solution compatible with the new Physical Storage Format (PSF) proposed by the NDS association. 

The Solution
A team of 10 AROBS specialists was called upon to help our client's team develop five different units of the new solution. The units under development are Routing, Traffic&Travel Information, Guidance & Positioning, Map Rendering, and Entry Layer. Our colleagues worked side by side with specialists of the client to make the adjustments that would enable the use of any external map software that is Navigation Data Standard (NDS) compatible and to remove the current maps from the solution. One to three AROBS specialists were allocated to each unit.

The Challenges
The existing solution is very complex, big, difficult to modify and relies on large files. To overcome the difficulties that come with such a level of complexity our specialists requested and were grated ongoing support from the client's system architects and senior developers who designed and implemented it. Furthermore, we only allocated senior developers to the project, and this measure helped us meet the tight deadlines. The second challenge was to establish appropriate channels of communication, as only one or two of our specialists are allocated per unit of the system, while on the client's side there are up to 5 engineers working on the same unit. This means each of our engineers must interact with up to 5 counterparts from the client. This issue was solved through daily or weekly meetings attended by all the people involved in the development the unit.

The collaboration with our client runs smoothly, deadlines have been met and the project continues as planned. 

Technologies: C++

can navigation software, embedded software development, PSF, NDS, Routing, Traffic&Travel Information, Guidance & Positioning, Map Rendering, and Entry Layer.