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Embedded Software for Body Control Modules

The Problem
Our Customer has a cap on the number of full time in-house specialists it can use at each location. Having reached it at a time of strong demand for Body Control Modules (BCM) software, the only alternative they were left with was to outsource some of the work. A BCM handles communication between Electronic Control Units (ECU) and operates all the required vehicle body functions such as windshield wiper control,  exterior and interior light control, central door locking control, and car access.

The Solution
The BCMs for which the remote team approach was considered needed additional functionality. AROBS was commissioned the task of expanding existing BCMs after a successful pilot project in which 3 AROBS specialists performed mainly testing tasks the different Controls. In May 2013, the team allocated to the customer reached 10 specialists, which are split in groups of 1 to 2 and develop and test software for CAN / LIN communication and control for Wipers, interior heating, exterior lights, centralized locking, alarm. In addition, our specialists performed static analysis on existing code developed by the customer. Some of the features we have been implementing are Safety Critical and consequently undergo intensive testing. The Safety Critical level is assigned to components that can cause human fatalities (e.g. Electronic Steering Column Lock). The code we have been developing for this project is Autosar compliant. For these assignments we have done Ansi C and Model Based Development in MathLab, Simulink, Targetlink, Rhapsody, and Statemate.

Throughout the project we repeatedly had to work on existing software modules that were insufficiently documented. To overcome this difficulty we performed comprehensive code analysis and communicated frequently with the customer's specialist capable to provide us with the necessary explanations and information. The second hurdle worth mentioning is the difficult access to the car for which the software was being developed. In an ideal world, taking a close look at the car is required prior to the project onset. Furthermore, it would be great if newly added functionality were tested directly on the car for which they were designed. In the real world, we studied the functional schemes to understand the existing functionality and performed tests on the benches provided by our customer. We also scheduled visits to the customer and auto dealers to get a close look at the car models for which we have been developing the BCMs.

The components developed by AROBS are already included in car models distributed throughout the world. The acceptance testings performed by the customer and the feedback from car owners are excellent, attesting to the high quality of our services.

Body Control Module (BCM), Autosar compliant, safety critical features, V-Cycle methodology, V-Model methodology, CAN, LIN, Ansi C, Model Based development in MathLab, Simulink, Targetlink, Rhapsody, and Statemate, communication and control for Wipers, interior heating, exterior lights, centralized locking, alarm.