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Management Solution For Fleets Of Autovehicles

The Client

RCS & RDS is a a provider of telecommunication solutions with over 11 years of experience in the field. Recognized as one of the leading providers of integrated telecommunication services, the company serves over 2 million subscribers for all services in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia and Serbia. Currently, there are over 750.000 telephony users for the RDS phone services, 500.000 subscribers have for its Internet services and other 510.000 customers for Digi TV in Romania alone.

The Problem

Our partner wanted to implement a solution that would help them manage the fleet of vehicles used in service activities for satellite dishes. Being aware that they can only maintain its leading position as private telecommunication infrastructure provider in Romania by keeping their support services at the top level, RCS & RDS decided to solve this problem as quickly as possible.

The decision to monitor the fleet by GPS-GPRS was made to organize the work more efficiently, mainly to shorten the intervention time and consequently increase customer satisfaction.

The Solution

When approached by the RCS&RDS, the AROBS specialists recommended the complete TrackGPS Business solution for fleet monitoring and fleet management, which met the needs of RCS & RDS. The online monitoring provided by TrackGPS is performed using the most advanced mechanism to control fleet costs, GPS tracking, and data transmission via GPRS (GSM).

With TrackGPS Business, the customer can closely monitor and manage the entire process of assistance to customers, the fleet coordinator being able to generate information about a car's location at a certain point, the number and duration of stops, as well as complex reports on deviations from the default route, deviations from schedule, fuel consumtion, speeding, etc.

The implementation of the solution for the 300 vehicles has been made gradually, according to the vehicle and driver availability, so as to not interrupt daily activity service.

The Results

After implementing our solution, RCS & RDS has organized the work of the employees involved in the service activities better than before, while increasing their accountability, participation and performance.

Each of the supervisors can effectively coordinate the subordinate staff, while significantly decreasing the response time for interventions. As a result of telephone complaints received from clients, the dispatcher can establish and send the closest team to address the customer needs with the ability to track the position of cars at street level on a detailed map.

Due to the timely service for customer requests, the company has improved its image, being now perceived as a professional service company and, at the same time, reduced fuel costs and fleet operating costs.
Another benefit is the ability to extract exact data regarding each route, aspect that led to the reduction of mileage used for personal purpose.

Impressed by the benefits brought on by our solution, the RCS&RDS representatives are considering an expansion of the solution to their entire fleet.


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