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Sales Force Automation

The Client


LeFrumarin is a privately owned company, founded in 1991, involved in meat production, animal breeding, fattening, and slaughtering, the wholesale and retail of food products through its own network of shops and distribution network.


The decades of experience in the production and distribution of food products have taught our customer how demanding and dynamic their market is and made them establish the quality of their manufactured products and services as their primary business goal.


The Problem


Our partner has its own network of stores, distribution network, and management system and uses the Socrates ERP.


LeFruMarin representatives explained to us that they were facing major problems with their distribution system. The preliminary discussions we have had suggested that simplifying the flow of information and increasing the efficiency of their 20 sales agents would greatly improve the sales process.


The Solution


Following a close business analysis, the AROBS specialists started working with LeFruMarin at the end of 2005.


Upon a close inspection of the company's problems, we identified the Optimall Pre-Sales Online solution as a having an excellent potential to bring great improvements.


This application allows the salesperson to take orders, receipts, and returns of merchandise directly from the customers, for a complete and timely service.


In online mode,  the system can instantly send the data  throughout the country, via GPRS (orders, receipts, returns, freight, etc.).


The Results


Upon implementing the solution, the LeFruMarin executives have immediately noticed substantial increases in their salespersons' level of organization, sales resposibility, and involvement and has re-organized the flow of information between and among departments.


Due to the timely customer service brought by our solution, the company has improved its image, being now perceived as one of the most professional service companies in Romania.


Impressed with the quality of our services, LeFruMarin representatives have recently asked us to implement the solution for their entire sales force.


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