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Workforce Management Tool

The Client


Axedo distributes, manages and offers training courses for innovative high-end human resources management systems. Their employees monitor closely the changes that take place in the global work environment, studying and experimenting with new technologies and new content. Their continuous formation and training motivates and encourages them to perform their duties with the highest degree of efficiency, reliability and quality.

The Problem


The client's wish was to create an employee self-service system which is easy to use and can be customized according to the varying needs of its users. In addition to the core system, the customer requested certain modules that could be added to meet varying client demand.


The application should cover functions like system administration, display of personal service plan, desired service coverage, and Intranet integration..


In addition to all these basic functions, the client wanted to develop optional modules such as group functionality, holiday planning, absence management, training plan, time and service entry and other features.

The Solution


Our specialists created a tool which targets large customers such as airline companies, police departments, casino chains. The application offers an employee self-service software solution, allowing employees to handle their daily working schedule, trade shifts with other employees and specify holiday preferences, based on a set of rules defined at the company level.


Planners can check out the schedule for groups of employees, grant or deny shift change requests. They can also define holiday rules and approve or deny the users' preferences submitted through WebRoster.



The modular design of the application is one of its most important advantages, allowing the client to customize the solution to its own needs.


As a web-based application, it is very easy to use and supports all industry standards. It can be easily integrated within other existing applications and adjusted according to the client's requests. Data exchange with other systems is also possible.

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