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Picture game. html5 nearshore software outsourcing to Romania
Picture game. Custom html5 development in Romania
Picture Game

The goal of the player is to win as many buildings, blocks, cities, and countries as possible by competing on the quality of the photos (s)he provides. The best picture wins. Each player has a profile and can occupy a building if (s)he owns the best rated picture of that building. All the buildings in the game are grouped in blocks, all blocks are grouped in districts, which, in turn, are grouped in cities. The player who owns most buildings in the block wins that block, according to well established rules. The same goes for cities and countries. The user can explore buildings in map view. The application is cross-platform and can run on the Android and iOS platforms, using same code.

  • Customer, Country: Confidential, Finland

  • Application Type: Web, Mobile

  • Technologies: HTML5, Phone Gap, Sencha Touch, JavaScript, CSS3

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development, Quality Assurance, Software Testing

  • Keywords: Cross Platform, game, picture, Phone Gap, html5

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Hotelzon liveview. Nearshore Android outsourcing in Romania. Android apps in Cluj
Hotelzon Liveview. Custom Android project developed in Cluj, Romania.
Hotelzon LiveView

This is a state of the art hotel booking tool that provides access to data on over 90000 hotels. Its features include ‘live’ real-time hotel availability information, integrated map support, and interactive graphic search. The tool targets a broad range of customers, from corporate users to holiday travelers.

  • Customer, Country: Hotelzon, Finland

  • Application Type: Mobile

  • Technologies: Android, Blackberry, RIM

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development, Data Migration, Quality Assurance, Software Testing

  • Keywords: hotel, booking, rooms, hotelzon, availability, search, minimum, rates. corporate, travelers, holiday

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Call-Center-Application. PHP project with Romanian developers. Offshore outsourcing in Cluj.
Call-Center-Application.  Nearshore PHP development project in Cluj-Napoca. Offshore software outsourcing in Romania.
Call-Center-Application. PHP outsourcing project in Romania. Custom solution
Call Center Application

This is a Call Center organizer custom built for a Call Center Agency. The Intranet was implemented as a module for Elastix CMS which runs on a asterisk–pbx server. The module offers all the functionality required to run phone campaigns: call people from a list, import lists, do manual calls, manage and change the priorities of a call queue, remove users from a queue, add users to a queue, do instant reporting, display calls statistics, operator status, etc.

  • Customer, Country: Emartech, Romania

  • Application Type: Web

  • Technologies: PHP, asterisk, php-agi

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development, Quality Assurance, Software Testing

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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